Jen Mangum


Monday, February 8, 2010

JustJen's All About Health Blog! MONDAYS!! Love 'em or hate 'em?

Monday morning madness! Aren't Mondays fun? How many of us have said this line of crap before? I'm starting over on Monday? Its no wonder we all hate Mondays. We've turned this day into this big significant day! We put everything off til Monday...from changing our lives, to eating right, to getting work done, to getting caught up, to learning something new...blah blah blah! It all begins on Monday! Oh but wait how many of us have failed on Wednesday and instead of starting over on Thursday, we simply say, "Aw hell I'll start over on Monday" so we destroy our body an extra 4 days, all because we messed up ONE DAY? I'm raising my hand right now!!! Seriously is this the pattern of death or what? Trust me folks, this is ME! I do this crap too!? What? WHY? So 'em or hate 'em?

I can tell you that Mondays for me used to be the day I hated the most. I've always looked at Mondays as the start over kind of day. Man has that screwed me up a million times. Sometimes looking back I think, DUH JEN!, why oh why did you always use Mondays as your excuse for starting anything? It wasn't until I realized that there shouldn't be a CERTAIN day to start over!!! When you fall, the key is getting RIGHT back up! Not five days later! This sad but true pattern we all get stuck in, does nothing but harm any progress we might make. Its no different then News Years Resolutions. THE BIG DAY! The day I'll CHANGE! The day I'll be BETTER! WTF? And 90% of us fail!? Right? We do! We fall off the wagon and we stay down until next years resolution or next Monday! And yet we wonder why we are never seeing results, never getting anywhere, never seening any big change, never getting better...? Living this way causes us to give up! It does. When we wait for change, the change never happens! If you don't get out of this pattern, you will continue to walk through a never ending revolving door! Don't do that!

So what do you do? Well you take Mondays off your list FIRST! Monday is now just as important as Tuesday or Sunday! And stop waiting til New Years to come. In fact don't even make a resolution! CHANGE NOW! TODAY! THIS SECOND! Not next week, not next Monday, not next year...RIGHT NOW! Now does that mean you change everything in a matter of seconds? NO! That's where we all screw up. We get going, we go all out, we do everything right, we slip up once, ....BAM we stop! Then we start over again sometime next week. Like Monday! BABY STEPS! Start taking your life one day at a time. TODAY is what matters! Today is what will make tomorrow better, if you live it right. But if you mess up today, then get up and do it right tomorrow, no matter what day tomorrow is! The longer you stay down, the harder it will be to get up. If you keep staying down and you keep living with all the things you want to change, you will NEVER change those things. You'll stay miserable, you'll stay over weight, you'll continue to eat bad, you'll hate anybody that looks good, you'll be bitter, mean, cranky...yada yada yada! You know the drill! Been there, done that. Sometimes I still fall into that! UGH! Not near as much though. I'm slowly but surely taking those baby steps and I'm changing into the me I want to be. You can too!

If you don't have a calendar get one! TODAY! Not Monday!! :) On each day of your calendar I want you to write ONE thing you want to do that day that benefits YOU! ONE THING! This # can grow as time goes on, but for now lets just write ONE THING! For example it could be a 30 min walk, 45 min of weights, grilled chicken and salad for dinner with low fat dressing, listening to a motivational CD, reading through a healthy recipe book and planning this weeks meals, writing in a food journal ...SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOU! Write down something you will do that YOU know will benefit you, make you feel better, make you smile just a little more, give you an extra bounce in your step...and do this good for you thing each day. Planning is so huge in helping you follow through. On that calendar also write your goals for each day. Not just Monday. Each day write a goal that you want to reach. It can be the same goal everyday. For example "I want to lose 10 lbs this month, I want to learn how to cook healthier meals this month" Writing down the same goal everyday is fine, in fact it will probably help you reach it faster. You become what you think about! Just get a calendar and slowly but surely start looking at EVERYDAY as an opportunity to improve. EACH AND EVERYDAY! Not just Monday! Change your way of thinking, so each day is as important as the next! Now if Wed. is a complete disaster and everything you said you were going to do, just doesn't happen. Wake up on Thursday and check out that days goals and start again! GET UP AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Don't wait til Monday to start again! Start again as quickly as possible. Do this until it becomes a pattern. I'm telling you it will make life, success, results, ...and everything else easier! Try it!

I said baby steps and I meant that! We don't change over night or get everything we want in a matter of days. Its a process and it takes time. Honestly I don't ever want to be satisfied or feel like a finished product. I always want to get better and work towards a stronger more healthier me. I want to continue learning and growing because I know I have so much learning and growing to do. I just know if I take my time and work on ME a little everyday, I'll slowly but surely continue to see positive results. Things will pay off. I'm tired of waiting for Mondays and New Years resolutions. I want each day to matter for me and each day to be another step in the right direction. No more WAITING for things to change! I'm gonna start changing EVERY DAY! And so should you!

Until next MONDAY :) Have a wonderful, successful, healthy, energetic....week!

Thanks so much,