Jen Mangum


Monday, June 7, 2010

If you died tomorrow, what would people remember about you?

Do you ever go through a day, a week, or maybe even years... and wish you could have that time back to start all over again? Ever do something you regret, a mistake you made, didn't say something you should've said, spent precious time being lazy and complacent,...? Boy I know I have. I've spent my time doing each and every one of those things. I know that I'll do one or more of them again at some point too. I have so many moments in my life, I'd love to have back. I've let time slip by that I didn't use wisely and done things I'm not proud of. Don't get me wrong I've also lived right and done things right. I guess that's what makes us human? You live some, you learn some, you lose some, you win some...! But I've come to a place inside of myself where I want to live more and regret less! I want to come to the end of my life and know that I used up all my talents, my dreams, my desires, and that there truly isn't anything left to give or accomplish. I did it ALL!

So if you died tomorrow, what would people remember about you? What would you want them to remember? Have you accomplished a good portion of what you want to accomplish? I know I haven't. I have a long way to go before I'll feel that way. But the one thing I do know, is that I'm using my time more wisely, trying to be more giving, less judgemental, and more focused than ever! I'm a long way from where I want to be, but at least I'm doing all I can to find more direction in where I want to be going.

Do you have a gift inside of you, you are not letting the world see? Do you have a dream you have given up on? If so, maybe now is the time to change your focus and start working towards all the things you want. Life happens and things will always get in the way. We all can come up with a million excuses as to why we can't do this or that. Its just so much easier to say "I can't" than "I can or I should"! Those feelings you get way down in the pit of your stomach that tell you how you feel about things or remind you of things you want to do...are not something you should ignore! Those little, quiet reminders are there to tell you why you are on this earth and what you are supposed to be doing. Those talents you were born with are meant to be used. Not everyone can do what you do or be who you are. Only you can do that! If there is something you've always wanted to do, but keep putting it off, you will never feel completely satisfied. You will always be looking for ways to fill that void and sometimes you might do things that aren't good for you, just to fill it! Listen to what your gut is telling you and do whatever you can to satisfy it, so you really feel whats its like to be ALIVE!

When you leave this earth, leave it with a smile, and that in turn will leave everyone else with a smile. Everyone will remember that you did all you could to LIVE and that you shared your talents and knowledge with everyone around you. Take care of yourself, so you can better take care of others. It may sound cliche, but we all really should be living every moment. After all we just don't know if that moment is our last one!

So I challenge you today to dig up an old dream, past want, hidden talent/gift you know have and share it with the world and start working towards it. If you feel unsatisfied its because you haven't done something you are supposed to do. If you start working on all the things you know you are meant to do, you will feel a state of satisfaction like you've never known. You are here for a reason and you have something none of us have. Don't leave this earth, not letting people see it or denying yourself of what it feels like to truly accomplish something you've always wanted to accomplish. You will hit walls and face challenges, but the baby steps you take to reach your full potential will lead you too a life of fulfillment and fill those voids that suck the life right out of you! If tomorrow doesn't come, make sure you make the most out of today...

Beachbody Coach Jen Mangum