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Monday, August 30, 2010

60 Day Fitness With An Altitude Get Fit Challenge

60 Day Fitness With An Altitude Get Fit Challenge

Beginning Monday Sept. 13th until Friday Nov. 19th I will be hosting a 60 Fitness challenge. Anybody can be apart of this. You don't have to live in Colorado. You can do this from the comfort of your own home or you may join me for my fitness classes or purchase beachbody programs from me to help you along the way!

The holiday season is not that far away!! As much as I love it, we all know that our time, energy, diet, exercise routine and a million other things tend to get pushed to the side during the holidays! That is why I thought NOW would be the best time to host a fitness challenge!

For 60 days all of us as a team will work together to eat right and exercise. I think team work and accountability are key in succeeding in ANYTHING! You will be amazed at how much harder you will work knowing that others are doing all of this right along with you. The knowing that you have to sign in everyday and let people know what workout you did and how well you are following your routine in taking care of yourself, will help you stay on track. Accountability is HUGE in helping you to follow through each day towards your goals! Plus doing this challenge before the holidays will help you develop healthy habits and come Thanksgiving and Christmas, maybe just maybe your good habits will take over and you won't let all the extra food get in your way of your results and goals!!

You will be able to do ANY kind of workouts that you want to do!! Be it walking everyday, running, going to the gym...whatever! Or you may purchase a Beachbody program through me that is designed for you! Beachbody programs have everything you need in one package to follow for 60 days, including nutrition and calendars. So if you need a program just let me know and we will get you started before the challenge begins. For those of you that live in the Gunnison area you may also join me at my weekly classes at the Rec Center! I will be teaching 5 days a week down there, so you will have plenty of chances to workout with me everyday! Things like TurboKick, TurboSwim, Weight Resistance training, Kickboxing...and much more! Plus I will have a separate accountabilty board down there that you can use to keep track of your workouts. If you can't make it to my classes or do not live in Gunnison we will use this page for accountability. More to come on this soon! Lets all work together for 60 days!!! It will be life changing!! Sign up NOW...

To register at the Rec Center go to

To order Beachbody products through me:

P.S. For those of you wanting to make this a college credit, I will also be teaching at Western State Tues and Thurs evenings through extended studies!

I'll have more info coming soon! Good stuff like weekly newsletters with recipes, health tips, diet tips, and much more! Sign up TODAY! Don't forget if you bring TWO friends to my classes you will get ONE FREE CLASS!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything! I can't wait to get in shape and workout with all of you!

Beachbody Coach Jen Mangum
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