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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finding Happiness Isn't That Hard If You Know Where to Look!

Its been awhile since I've blogged. I don't really have any good excuse, except that I've been busy and have been pursuing many different things. That being said, I've missed blogging and sharing my little personal experiences with life. Plus it feels amazing when I have others ask me why I haven't blogged or that they've missed reading my blogs and that something I said helped them in some way or another. Makes me realize I need to focus on this more than I do. After all if something silly that I say helps someone or helps someone to feel better, than I need to keep doing that! After all every time I help someone else out, I feel that much better about myself, and it ends up helping me out. Its a win win situation all the way around. I guess for all of us, things just come up and keep us from doing some of the little things we like to or want to do. Although honestly I think its ourselves that keep us from doing those things. Its just easier to blame it on life then it is to blame it our ourselves. Sometimes I have to kick my own butt and slap myself in the face, when I know I let this or that slide and put it on the back burner, simply because I don't use my time wisely.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting over the last month about what I want and where I'm going. I've had so many blessings just fall into my lap as well as disappointments, here lately, its been kinda crazy. Funny how that works. I guess if we felt satisfied in every part of our life, we might just stop and do nothing and that wouldn't get us anywhere. I believe though, that finding happiness isn't all that hard, if you know where to look! I think sometimes if we focus on the dark, it makes its really tough to see the light. So this last month I've been working on that more and its been life altering. Not only do I feel happier with me, I feel happier with everyone around me. Judgement, jealousy, and all those terrible things are really the route of all evil. When you find true comfort with who you are and what you want out of life, is when the real happiness and success begins. If you are not grateful for who you are and what you have, you will miss out on all of it and wake up with a lot of regrets one day. You will wake up and realize that maybe you didn't have it so bad and should've spent a little more time being thankful for all of it.

Do I want more money? Do I want to lose more weight? Do I want to have nicer clothes? Do I want a bigger house? Do I want to change this and that about myself or others? You are damn right I do! LOL :) Its only natural to always want to fix, change, alter,...something. Its human nature. We always think we know what's best or how we think something should be. We also think that if all those things we want come true we will finally be completely happy! When in fact, we all need to find ways to be happy now, or it will be too late and true happiness will never happen. The only thing we can control is our attitude and outlook on every situation. Things are always gonna come along that we have no control over and there won't be anything we can do about it. But if we take each and every moment and we handle it in a more grateful, focused, loving, open, ....way, then it will not seem as bad! I'm learning more and more how the little things are really the great things! When I look around at what I have, its makes what I don't have seem so small. I wake everyday to a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids. That in itself is all I need! Yet I will always want more and I plan on having more and thats ok! But its the not having it now that isn't something that should be viewed as bad or negative. Change, growth and success take time! All the wants and needs we have take work, focus, failure, and a whole lot of heart to accomplish. If you aren't happy with yourself now, then you very well may never be. Its ok to want to change this or that, but true happiness comes from finding ways to be happy now and being grateful. Trust me the happier you feel inside NOW, the happier you will be later and more grateful you will be, when something else you want comes true. The work and learning is never done, not with ourselves or with our lives. Each step you take each day takes you towards or away from where you want to be or who you want to be.

Make a to-do list of your life and a grateful list. Write down what you want and who you want to be, along with what you already have and what you are already grateful for. Its so helpful to not only focus on where you want to go, but where you've already been and the good that has handed you. Don't go a day without a smile or sharing a smile with someone else. Don't go a day without telling someone you love them! Don't go a day without looking in the mirror and finding satisfaction with who you are now! Keep working hard and chasing your dreams, but don't let the chase take you away from all the good you have now, that you may not even realize you have! Deep breath in and out! Life is truly what we make it....

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