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Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm a little left of living RIGHT

Perfection and doing everything right all the time does not exist in my life and I'm so ok with that! I've mentioned perfection before in my blogs, but it seems to be one topic that keeps presenting itself to me in my life. Whether its me taking the foolish way around or someone I know hating themselves for not doing everything right...Perfection is a constant problem for all of us it seems!

We all start out with a BANG and then usually end up rolling back down the hill and wondering what the heck happened. We set out to reach our goals, dreams, jobs, weight loss...whatever and when things don't go just right we quit and give up, or we at least think about giving up! We blame ourselves for not being good at something, not being capable, not having enough resources, not having any luck...and we do this over and over again. Its like walking through a revolving door and wishing like hell we could just stop for a moment and breathe. You get so dizzy going in circles, sometimes even the simpliest things seem the most impossible.

Health really is simple, yet really is hard! Doesn't make sense does it? I honestly think if we looked at health as being as easy as brushing our teeth, it would be no big deal at all. You know you get up every day, put your clothes on, brush your teeth and on to the rest of your normal day in, day out activities. Yet for some reason being thin, eating right, looking good, proving yourself, over coming insecurities, feeling happy...just aren't as easy as brushing your teeth! Dang IT!! And God forbid you have those things they call obstacles in the way! Ya know what I'm talking about. Those little things that just come up out of the blue, that throws you off schedule and the first thing to be thrown out the window that day is YOUR HEALTH!

SO when I say "I'm a little left of living right" what I'm saying is...I no longer do every little thing right and it actually helps me to do more things right. The more I try to be perfect, the more I fail. But when I allow myself some breathing room, accept my body and myself for who I am, the more effort I put in, in taking care of myself. I find if I stress all the time over all the insulin I have to take, over weight I want to lose, over not getting my house spotless clean, over my next job, the next project, the next need....whatever the less I get done and the less results I get!

Excuses are killer and they will hault your results everytime, but allowing yourself some breathing room is NOT the same as making excuses! When you allow yourself to be human, you will actually realize just how important you are. When you accept the fact that taking care of YOU, is just part of your daily routine, it won't be as hard to do. Just as when you allow yourself to let your hair down and have a little fun now and then, you won't feel guilty each time you slip up a little bit! It will be so much easier to get up the next day and get back to your routine. The stress of being perfect won't be there and there won't be any reason to quit. Taking care of yourself will just be something you do and not something you have to do, to be RIGHT! You will WANT to do it and it won't feel near as hard! The straight and narrow will only add to the stress and heartache it requires to believe perfection is possible! Imperfection is my kind of perfect! I wouldn't erase my flaws now if I could. I want to feel good and look good, but I'm not going to kill myself and beat myself down to do it! We all want to be a size two, be successful, be happy, healthy, and a million other things, but if we don't enjoy the ride to the top, once we get to the top, we are gonna just wanna fall back down!

So I challenge you today to enjoy YOU! Make taking care of you as easy as brushing your teeth! Don't over think it, don't adjust your diet to that of a super models, don't kill yourself in the gym,...don't set yourself up for failure! Write down your goals and enjoy the trip to getting them! Because if you don't, you'll just keep walking in circles and you'll never be happy with who you are and you'll never see just what you are capable of! Yes you have to exercise, eat right, get regular check ups, and blah, blah, blah :) But don't make it a bigger deal than it is! Just breathe and know that its ok to live a little left of living right now and then :)

Beachbody Coach Jen Mangum

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  1. Thanks Jen for the positive encouragement! Hope you have a greaqt day!