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Monday, February 15, 2010

Negativity! Can you go one day without it?

Does it feel good to hate, look down on others, judge, talk crap, be in a bad mood, be angry, be spiteful, resentful, blame, yada yada...? I'm just curious. When you feel all those above feelings, do you feel good? Do you feel accomplished, successful, healthy, rich, happy, confident...? Well as for me, I don't. When I'm feeling down on myself and any one of those above feelings, I just feel like crap. Plus I treat everyone around me like crap. I'm a bad wife, friend, and I don't think I'm a great mom either. UGH! Its def not any fun to feel any of those feelings! So really ask yourself right now if you feel really good when you feel any of those things?

Negativity in my opinion is the worst thing you can allow yourself to feel. Its taken me a long time to pay attention to how I am as a person when I'm feeling negative. So once I started paying more attention to my actions and how I handle things when I'm feeling negative, the more I realized just how miserable I am and just how miserable I am to be around. Its tough in today's world when you can't seem to escape from negativity no matter how hard you try. Plus its even tougher if you spend the majority of your time around negative, angry people. Its easy to just go with the flow and feel what everything and everyone around you is feeling. Its also easy to allow yourself to sink into depression and resentment towards life! Negativity is almost like a drug. Once you start its tough to stop. It can literally take over your life and consume your every thought. I don't know about you, but I just don't want to be hooked on something that sucks the life right out of me!

So what do you do? Well for starters you start tuning into yourself. Meaning start paying attention to your thoughts and watching your actions. Learn YOURSELF inside and out. Know what makes you tick, who pisses you off, what you do and don't like, listen to your words before you say them, listen to your feelings, pay attention to what makes you stressed out...! A lot of times we go around feeling mad and negative and we honestly don't even know why. That's because we don't really know ourselves. Deep down, we don't know WHY we feel the way we do sometimes. So we just go around basically out of control and live life like we are on some kind of roller coaster missing out on everything! When I started paying attention to my thoughts and my feelings, I started realizing that I had control over them. By thinking about them and listening to them, they weren't able to control me. Now when I feel anger or negativity and I pay attention to that, I can literally turn my thoughts around. I can stop myself from saying stupid crap, being mean, hateful, ugly, rude, negative...! I can stop myself! I can take something negative and just for the helluva of it, say something NICE, positive, focused, helpful...and talk myself out of getting down and out.

I know what you are thinking? This is just another post on the power of positive thinking? Well you are damn right! Positive thinking is AMAZING! We can't change the world or the people around us. How many times have you tried to change someone with force, control, manipulation, cut downs,...and wondered why the hell am I not getting anywhere? Yet have you ever tried just saying kind things, no matter what someone else might be saying? Have you ever tried just putting on a smile, telling yourself I got this, who cares what they think, I feel good, I'm happy, I'm blessed...blah blah! Just kept repeating over and over to yourself or others positive things? Try it. It works for me. Plus I'm telling you when you respond with something positive to somebody shouting out negatives, most the time they shut up, get pissed off and walk away, or just simply disagree with you. Or heck maybe by talking positive to them, you can help them look at their situation differently and hell you might ever make them feel good When you respond in a positive way you feel better and maybe just maybe you'll make someone else feel better, which is just another added bonus FOR YOU. Trust me, you will. Try it!

Get out a piece of paper and just write down all the things you are happy about, things you have been blessed with, what you like about YOU...! Do it! We take gratitude for granted. We all do. Being grateful is the start to feeling positive. So make a list and make a list every day if you have to, until you start your day off with a different attitude. A positive one. Then SMILE! Every time you see someone, SMILE! I don't care if they flip you off and give you a go to hell look. Just SMILE! And after you smile try FOR ONE DAY saying ONE nice thing about that person to that person. Just try it. They might disagree, might say thank you, might say whatever....WHATEVER, just try it :) I'm telling you it will make YOU FEEL BETTER!

You know I have to bring diet and exercise in to this as well LOL! Hey its my job :) How many of us look at eating right and exercise as a NEGATIVE? Ugh I don't want to exercise, yuck I hate vegetables....and on and on! So for ONE DAY try telling yourself things like "man I feel good when I workout, mmmmmmmmmmmm that grilled chicken wasn't half bad, my ass is getting hotter with everyday LOL....TRY IT! :) Hey maybe at first it might feel like you're lying to yourself about how you feel about exercise or eating right, but all you are doing is training your brain to start rethinking its thinking. Its not lying! You are simply programming yourself to look at something positive instead of looking at it negatively. If you do this everyday, you will start to believe it! Trust me. Pretty soon those positive thoughts you are feeding yourself day in and day out become reality.

So I challenge you for 7 days to toss out negativity. Every time you are about to say something mean or hateful replace it with a kind word or something positive. Every time you want to turn on someone, cut them down, just say something nice and walk away. For 7 days pay attention to everyone around you. How they talk and how they act. Sit back and observe and observe yourself as well. At the end of every day take mental notes on if you felt any better, had more energy, just felt lighter, or enjoyed life just a little more. Put only good for you things into your mouth, just like only good for you things will be spoken out of your mouth and see if you feel better? Do something active everyday and brag to yourself how much you love it! Look at the mountains, trees, river,....everything! Pay attention. Beauty is all around you. Don't just walk by it! Treat yourself like a precious gem and try your very best to treat others the same. Take care of yourself, eat right, get some physical activity in, listen to your thoughts, pay attention to your feelings....for 7 DAYS! Go....Good luck :)

Beachbody Coach Jen

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