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Monday, February 22, 2010

Run away from FAKE SUGARS!!! Think you are addicted, they are like a drug?

I'll have a diet coke, sugar-free ice cream, sugar-free yogurt, sugar free candy,...and everything else thats diet or sugar free! Its gotta be good for me right? I mean if it has the words sugar free and diet, how bad can it be? Afterall its sugar and fat that are making us fat right? Hmmmmm? I'm not so sure! I know others out there might disagree with me, but oh well this is my blog and I can say what I wanna :) LOL! Because I have reasons to believe that all that sugar free and fat free crap are poisoning are bodies!

I've never been a pop drinker. Thank God! I'm just not crazy about it, so I honestly can't relate to folks who have a pop or diet pop addiction. I do like an energy drink now and then, but not so much the feeling I get once I'm done drinking them. The headache and stomach ache are just not for me. Or if I have a sugar free yogurt and wonder why I'm even more hungry afterwards? Weird! One would think that having diet pop and sugar free yogurt would be way more healthy than just sitting down and having a bowl of fruit with a whole avacado. I mean the fat in an avacado and all that sugar in the fruit, can't be as good as the diet stuff right?! We live in a world full of diet and fat free stuff, yet we just keep packing on the pounds? If its so good for you, one would think we'd be getting thinner? If you haven't noticed thats not the case.

Considering I'm a type 1 diabetic you would think that I'd be on everything sugar free right? Not so! I can't stand the stuff and know for a fact it makes me sick everytime I have some. I'd rather have honey, stevia, agave nectar, REAL SUGAR, fructose...ANYDAY! People often ask me what I eat and they seem surprised when I tell them that I don't buy anything diet or sugar free. Plus I'm a huge believer in the good for you fats. I have a TON of coconut oil, avacados, eggs, nuts, almond butter...and so on. I keep it real! If its FAKE I'm out! Gods foods, I like to call them. Thats what I eat and so far so good for my health. My diabetes is under control and I feel like a million bucks! The only thing that I drink usually other than water is coffee, but I'm getting a bit excited about all those stevia sweetened drinks coming out. I might have to have one of those now and then. I love GURU for an now and then energy drink and I don't feel sick afterwards! By the way stevia is just a plant! Nothing chemical about it! So thats what works for me and the way I eat.

I haven't been a Beachbody Coach for long but WOW do I have some success stories of folks going off of FAKE CRAP! I won't go into every detail, but I will share this one story that I find awesome! I had a girlfriend buy P90X from me last Sept. Well about a month in she called me and said she wasn't seeing any changes. Nada nothing. She was up everyday working out and eating pretty healthy, but nothing! Hmmmmm? I thought! So I asked her what she was eating. Well on top of all that good for you stuff, she was having about 3 or 4 diet pops a day! On top of that, she was living with nonstop headaches, horrible female issues, and was constantly moody. So I told her to drop the pop. I might as well of asked her to never smile again! LOL! Seriously she was like "no way" I'm not giving up my pop. I thought fine, but I'm telling you, you should try it for like a month. Well two more months went by and she told me that she was loving P90x and the diet, but still wasn't seeing the results she wanted. I asked her about the pop and of course she hadn't given it up. In fact she was having even more because all the exercise was making her thirsty and heaven forbid she replace her fluids with water!!! So once again I begged her to just go one month without it! So I challenged her to give it up on Jan 1st for ONE MONTH! She finally agreed and for about 8 days after the first she hated ME! Seriously she went 8 straight days with a migraine headache and might as well been a drug addict going through withdrawls. She was so sick! But it started getting better and guess what? She weighed herself on Feb 1st and in 1 month she dropped 8 pounds! Now remember the ONLY thing she changed was quitting the diet pop!!! I'm happy to report as of today, she is down 17lbs in TWO MONTHS! She follows P90X and the diet plan, but the ONLY real change she made from that regular schedule was dropping the diet pop. She said she hasn't been able to get to this weight in her entire life!!! I don't know about you, but if I had a diet pop addiction I think I might give ONE MONTH a try without it!!! So if you have one!?? I challenge you today to go 1 MONTH diet and fake sugar free! Think you can do it? If you are struggling to lose weight and feel like you've done all you can and have a diet pop addiction or sugar-free addition cut it out completely! Try stevia and other natural products and just see if it helps you! Now GO... :)

It was important to me to share this story because I think that people out there think they are doing good by their bodies when they eat sugar-free and diet products. After all the success stories I'm experiencing personally from people I'm coaching, I'm firmly convinced these products need to go! We shouldn't be working out so hard and eating right, all to ruin it with the flip of a can! So if you are, I beg you to STOP! Just for a month at least and see! Thanks :)

Until next Monday! Have a wonderful week!

Beachbody Coach Jen Mangum

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